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Donner Percussion Stick Bag Drumstick Holder Review

I was excited to get their inexpensive Donner Percussion Stick Bag / Drumstick Holder. Keep up to 10 pairs of drum sticks conveniently within reach.

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Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal Review

The Donner wireless Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal is a very useful tool for turning pages, reading music, scrolling lyrics, guitar tabs, teleprompting and more. It works with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android tablets.


Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks Review

When playing electric drum kits, normal drumsticks can take a toll on your arms and hands, especially after playing for long periods of time. That’s were what I call the best drumsticks for electronic drums come in to play.