Latin Jazz Backing Tracks Drum Play Along 220 BPM

Here’s a nice Latin Jazz Backing Tracks Drum Play-Along. Latin jazz is a genre of jazz with Latin American rhythms.

Here’s a nice Latin Jazz Backing Tracks Drum Play-Along.

Latin jazz is a genre of jazz with Latin American rhythms. Although musicians continually expand its parameters, the term Latin jazz is generally understood to have a more specific meaning than simply jazz from Latin America. Some Latin jazz typically employs rhythms that either have a direct analog in Africa, or exhibit an African influence. The two main categories of Latin jazz are:

  1. Afro-Cuban jazz—jazz rhythmically based on Cuban popular dance music, often with a rhythm section employing ostinato patterns and/or a clave.
  2. Afro-Brazilian jazz—includes bossa nova and jazz samba.

—  Source Wikipedia

Latin Jazz Backing Tracks Drum Play-Along

Track Length: 4:49
Tempo: 220 Bpm

Looking for something slower? Drumless Jazz Track 145 BPM Jazzy Play-Along or a Jazz Ballad No Drums Backing Track 60 BPM

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Bossa Nova Jazz Drumless Backing Track 130 BPM

A great bossa nova jazz drumless backing track at 130 BPM with piano, sax and upright bass.

A great bossa nova jazz drumless backing track at 130 BPM with piano, sax and upright bass.

Track length: 4:39
Tempo 130 BPM

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