Jazz Backing Track For Drummers Boogaloo 160 BPM

Boogaloo or bugalú (also: shing-a-ling, Latin boogaloo, Latin R&B) is a genre of Latin music and dance which was popular in the United States in the 1960s. Boogaloo originated in New York City mainly among teenage Puerto Ricans. The style was a fusion of popular African American rhythm and blues (R&B) and soul music with mambo and son montuno, with songs in both English and Spanish. The American Bandstand television program introduced the dance and the music to the mainstream American audience.

Except for the name, the dance is unrelated to the electric boogaloo, a style of dance which developed decades later under the influence of funk music and hip-hop dance. – From Wikipedia

Here’s a Jazzy Boogaloo backing track without drums. Feel free to play the whole playlist.

Tempo: 160 BPM
Time: 6:37


Check out the tags for other style and tempos.

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