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Simmons SD600 Drum Kit Review With Sound Demos Of All 35 Drum Kits

Simmons SD600 Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads Review

This is a really cool kit and I’ve spent hours playing, recording and making cool sounds with it.

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My review of The Simmons SD600 will be detailed out in the following sections:

  • What Is The Simmons SD600 Electronic Drum Kit?/ Who is the Simmons SD600 For?
  • Full In-depth Video Review With Sound Demos – All 35 Drum Kits.
  • More details on the kit and sounds
  • The Simmons SD600 as a MIDI Controller with EZDrummer (Video)
  • The Simmons iOS App
  • Features and Specs
  • Where to Buy

What Is The Simmons SD600 Electronic Drum Kit & Who Is It For?

The Simmons SD600 is a nice upgrade to The SD550, designed for the drummer who wants a rock-solid electronic drum kit for practice, rehearsal and recording, the Simmons SD600 mesh head kit is ideal for players who crave an acoustic sound/feel and best-in-class features with simple, wireless connection to apps and computers.

An electronic drum kit at this price point is typically geared towards beginners, but I got to say this is definitely a bang for the buck and I think even seasoned pros will enjoy playing this kit for practicing, rehearsing and even in a live situation.

In addition, if you’re looking to expand your current edrum set up, the pads play nice with other companies products as well. I tested them with Roland and Alesis drum modules.

Full In-depth Video Review With Sound Demos – All 35 Drum Kits.

In this video I go over the features and play demos of all the 35 preset drum kits of the SD600. I’ve include a time line under the video if you would like to skip ahead.

Video Timeline

  • :50 Brief Drum Jam 
  • 1:08 Overview of drum pads, kick and hi-hat pedals, cymbals, the drum module and the drum rack. 
  • 4:23 A Closer look at the Simmons SD600 Drum Module.

Are the Simmons pads and drum module compatible with other drum manufacturers pads and drum modules like Roland and Alesis? 

  • 6:18 Demo of All 35 Drum Kits in the Simmons SD600 Starting with the Maple Kit
  • 6:39  – Acrylic Kit 
  • 7:02  – Fusion Kit
  • 7:27 – Classic Rock
  • 7:51 – Funk Rock
  • 8:13  – 70’s Rock
  • 8:35 – Gated Dreams 
  • 8:57 – Jazz 
  • 9:32 – Garage Kit 
  • 9:45 – Bubinga
  • 10:05 – SDSV
  • 10:21 – Bubriga Africa
  • 10:44 – Nashville
  • 11:04 – West Africa
  • 11:31 – Nails
  • 11:56  – India
  • 12:15 – Blues
  • 12:29 – Techno
  • 12:50  – Junkyard
  • 13:09 – Modern Pop
  • 13:25 – SD 57
  • 13:43 – Salsa
  • 14:04 – Heavy Rock
  • 14:27  – Rock Fusion
  • 14:36 – Hip Hop
  • 14:56 – Street Beat
  • 15:15 – 80s Rocker
  • 15:26 – Funk City
  • 15:18 – Tribal
  • 16:07 – Punk Kit
  • 16:27 – Dance Kit
  • 16:44 – Chinese Dawn
  • 17:01 – Alternative rock
  • 17:20 – Hearts of China
  • 17:41 – Pop Life  


The kit itself includes all mesh heads including the kick drum pad.

AThe SD600 comes complete with double-layer, tension-able, dual-zone mesh heads, including all toms and snare for the ultimate in acoustic feel and playing response.

A mesh head kick drum provides a solid, outstanding responsive feel and includes a kick pedal — or you can use your own, making the SD600 even more customizable.

All playing surfaces are adjustable to your playing style. The robust design and solid construction of the SD600 steel rack minimizes movement for more accurate playing and, over time, increases the longevity of your kit.

The SD600 module includes extra inputs when you’re ready to expand your sound and playing palette with two additional pads or triggers.

The Sounds

The SD600 sound module features the Simmons Signature Sound Library for a wide variety of drum voices — as well as percussion and electronic sounds — across 35 drum kits, making it ideal for rock, pop, and beyond.

V.A.R. (Variable Attack Response)

With Simmons advanced V.A.R. technology, multi-dynamic samples are used to prevent the monotonous “machine gunning” effect that is prevalent in most electronic drum kits in this class.

Your Cymbals in Stereo

Much like acoustic drum kits, the SD600 provides multi-velocity, stereo cymbal sounds for a lifelike sonic acoustic experience.

Better Quality Sounds with Increased Playability

The SD600 includes a wide collection of great-feeling drum and percussion multi-layered sounds rather than lifeless, single shot drum samples.


Its built-in Bluetooth MIDI allows the SD600 sound module to connect to computers, smartphones and tablets.

The Simmons SD600 as a MIDI Controller with EZDrummer

The Simmons iOS App

Using the FREE Simmons iOS app, you can wirelessly connect the SD600 sound module to your iOS device for easy and completely control of various menu functions. This includes sound and performance editing, as well as kit customization. You also gain access to exceptional learning tools to elevate your skills to the next level.

The little plastic stand that attaches to the sound module is very solid and durable. It can hold your iPhone or your iPad for convenience.

Changing sounds and editing them is very easy with the iOS app.

Trigger, Track and Record

Using Bluetooth or USB you can tap into a universe of iOS DAW and computer apps like GarageBand® and so much more. Enjoy song recording, soft-synth and sample triggering, plus an unlimited collection of teaching apps, all right under your fingertips.


• Full-sized electronic drum kit Mesh Head Pads

– Sleek look, realistic feel, stay in place design

  • – 10” tension-able dual-zone, dual-ply snare drum
  • – 8” tension-able dual-zone, dual-ply tom pads (3)
  • 10” crash cymbal with choke function
  • 12” ride cymbal
  • 10” hi-hat pad
  • Hi-hat pedal
  • Kick pad tower with mesh pad
  • Included beater pedal, swappable with your own pedal

Simmons SD600 Sound Module

  • Sleek new look with easy navigation
  • Easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen
  • Detachable stick/headphone/iPad/iPhone rest
  • Simmons Signature Sound Library
  • 35 Preset Drum Kits, plus 10 User Kits
  • 336 High-quality drum sounds
  • 3 Demo songs
  • Variable Attack Response (V.A.R.) technology
  • ntelligent sample playback
  • Pads respond differently base on dynamics
  • Randomized samples on snare and ride cymbal
  • Better playability and performance
  • Wireless Bluetooth MIDI connectivity to computer and iOS devices
  • Expanded, easy editing and menu navigation on your iOS device
  • Simple connectivity to GarageBand® and other apps
  • Stereo 1/8” TRS input for audio from MP3 player
  • 8 trigger inputs on single multi-pin connector for clean cable management
  • 2 trigger inputs on ¼” inputs for pad or trigger expansion

Rugged steel rack with robust custom T-fittings and extra-stable rubber feet

Simmons SD600 Electronic Drum Kit With Mesh Heads

Check link for current price.





Price. Bang for the buck


Midi controller for drum software programs



  • Compact size. Has 35 Kits plus 10 user kits.
  • Dual tigger mesh heads for toms and snare
  • Two additional outputs for fourth tom & extra cymbal
  • Comes with kick drum pedal
  • iOS app makes it easy to edit kits.


  • Single zone ride.
  • Plastic mounts screws for toms and snare pads could be a little more durable.
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