Free Professional Jazz Backing Tracks Drumless Jazz & More

Free Professional Jazz Backing Tracks Drumless Jazz

Hi Greg here, I made this site with lots of free professional jazz backing tracks for drummers. The tracks here are a great way to practice your drumming. I hope these tracks inspire you to practice and play along.

Free Professional Jazz Backing Tracks & More

I also post about drummer related things like documentaries, products reviews, and anything related to drumming and music.

Just a few examples:

The History of The Drumset – A Century of Drumming Evolution 1865 to 1965 Documentary

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Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal Review

Female Drummers, Gifts For Drummers and a lot more.

Free Professional Jazz Backing TracksComments & Suggestions:

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, thoughts, and questions about these Free Professional Jazz Backing Tracks or any other post.

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Drum On,


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11 thoughts on “Free Professional Jazz Backing Tracks Drumless Jazz & More”

  1. Greg this is a banging and informational website.I love jazz and reminds me of a station that would play this kind of music and it would help me remove any negative feelings and thoughts. The layout of your website flows and it is not cluttered with anything that would distract a listener.

  2. Hi Greg,

    What a great idea for aspiring drummers. I’m not a drummer … nor am I a musician, but I am a jazz lover! Some of my favorite drummers include: Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Sly Dunbar, Billy Cobham, Jeff Pocaro, Harvey Mason and Lenny White. I haven’t thought about these drummers in a long time, and I have many albums on vinyl featuring these very drummers. Tonight I plan on getting these albums out, dusting off my turntable and spending the whole evening listening to some great talent. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. Always very informative.This a great tool for drummers. Plus, the fact that they are free makes it even sweeter. Thanks Greg!

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