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Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal Review

The Donner wireless Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal is a very useful tool for turning pages, reading music, scrolling lyrics, guitar tabs, teleprompting and more. It works with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android tablets.

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The Donner Bluetooth Page Turner PedalIf you been using your tablet or computer with sheet music apps like NextPage, SongBook and many others, The Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedals is something you will enjoy using.

What is a Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal?

The Donner wireless Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal is a very useful tool for turning pages, reading music, scrolling lyrics, guitar tabs, teleprompting and more. It works with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android tablets.

I’ve used this pedal with the iOS apps piaScore and Teleprompt at gigs and rehearsal. I also use it with my web browser, pdf readers, Logic Pro and other apps on my computer.

Is It Durable?

Despite being made of plastic, it’s sturdy and effective. The pedals are quiet, so they don’t distract when pressing them and it has rubber on the bottom so it won’t slide around. At about 7 inches by 5 1/2 inches, it’s very portable and will fit in any gig bag.


There are a few setting options to use depending what app or device you are connecting to. On my Mac Setting 5 (Space/ Enter) comes in handy to stop/start recording in Logic Pro. Other settings include:

Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal for Tablets iPhone Mac PC by Donner First Look Review Settings1. Page up/page down
2. Left arrow/ right
3. Up / down
4. left / right mouse click
5. Space/ Enter

What Apps Will It Work With?

I used the Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal with NextPage and SongBookother iOS apps, but it will work with any app that you can use foot pedals with including:

  • NextPage
    MusicnotesWPS Office,
    Musicreader 4,
    DD GigBook


Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal for Tablets iPhone Mac PC by Donner Review


Final Thoughts

I only tested the Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal with my iPhone, iPad and my Mac, but it also works with PC’s and Android tablets. If turning pages’ hands-free is a must, then you can’t go wrong.

No Risk, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Check it out Here.


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20 replies on “Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal Review”

Hi. Do you know if it can be configured so the left pedal turns a page and right pedal moves up or down?
Also do you know what the 3.5mm sockets are for either side of the charger socket?

I’m not sure, I never used those apps. You would have to check with the maker of the apps to see if they can use foot pedals.

Bonjour, j’essaie de jumeler cette pedale sur mon pc sous windows 10.
Je n’y arrive pas car la pedale est d’abord reconnue comme un clavier , ensuite viens l’enoncé
bluethooth music pedal et quand je veux la jumeler il me met le message suivant
entrer le code pin pour votre clavier
comment faire pour lui faire comprendre que ce n’est pas un clavier?

Je suis dans l’impasse
Si quelqu’un a la methode , merci de m’expliquer.

Google Translate:

” Hello, I try to pair this pedal on my pc under windows 10.
I can not do it because the pedal is first recognized as a keyboard, then come the statement
Bluethooth music pedal and when I want to pair it it puts me the following message
Enter the pin code for your keyboard
How to make him understand that this is not a keyboard?

I’m in the dead end
If someone has the method, please explain.”

Sorry I don’t use Windows 10.
But I think you have the settings wrong on the pedal. One of the seetings on the pedal is to use it like a mouse. It could be on that setting.

Hope that helps,

I got this Item and have been using it for a couple of months with Songbook. Yes its is made of plastic but is more sturdy than some would lead you to believe and it works just as advertised. Great

I’m most definitely always using SongBook, so it should come as no surprise that this typical Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal caught my eye. It’s great that it works good for your browser and PDF reader!

And the amount of apps it can be used with makes it a no-brainer! Thank you so much for this great review. I’ll definitely be checking out this product.


That is so cool! I play piano and guitar, and there is nothing more frustrating than stopping in the middle of a song to turn the pages. Thanks for the great review!

This looks pretty handy and useful for my sister who plays piano. I will let her know about this!

Thanks for this review but I still don’t quite get how it works. Is it when you put it on the ground and you step on it, it can turn the pages of the lyrics?

One more question, does it use batteries or it needs a socket?

Thanks for the comment Jerry,

The Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal is a wireless foot controller for your Mac, PC iOS & Android device. It connects to your device through Bluetooth so you can flip through or scroll up and down pages of whatever app you’re using without using your hands.

It’s great for musicians and even a slideshow presentation. It comes with a USB cable and a rechargeable battery, it’s completely wireless, you charge it the same way you would your phone.
Hope that helps.

I think your sister would love it.

If you have any other questions, do let me know,


Glad to know it works with pc. Something I will definitely add to my arsenal in the future. Thanks for the post

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