Over 30 Top Gifts For Drummers [2020] Birthdays, Christmas & More

Gifts you may not be aware of for the drummers in your life.

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Improvisation Drumming – Workout with Propellerhead’s Figure app

I wouldn’t define this as jazz improvisation but it sure is fun. I call it free-form jazz rock fusion electronic something.

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Donner Percussion Stick Bag Drumstick Holder Review

I was excited to get their inexpensive Donner Percussion Stick Bag / Drumstick Holder. Keep up to 10 pairs of drum sticks conveniently within reach.

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Donner Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal Review

The Donner wireless Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal is a very useful tool for turning pages, reading music, scrolling lyrics, guitar tabs, teleprompting and more. It works with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or Android tablets.