Moukey Mini Steel Tongue Drum Review

Moukey is a sub-brand of Donner, and is of the same quality. The Moukey has a D Major Scale Steel Tongue Drum pack includes 2 Stick/mallats, tone stickers, music score set, a dedicated carrying bag and strap. In the video below, I just do an improve jam over a backing track in D Major.

Improve Jam Video

Fun For Everyone

The Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Percussion Hang Drum is a simple handmade and well constructed built to last musical instrument. This Mini Tongue Drum is in the key of D major so you can’t play any wrong notes and perform good sounding music even without any former training.

Indeed, fun for everyone to play. Kids and adults alike.

Great fun for kids as well as adults to play and learn music. The very relaxing sound character can provide hours of fun when jamming with backing tracks or as a solo instrument. Also adds a cool decor to any living environment.

Where To Buy

More info and the current price: Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Percussion Hang Drum 11 Notes 10 Inches with Padded Travel Bag

DIY Electronic Cowbell – Homemade Drum Triggers

For this DIY Electronic Drum Pads Homemade Cowbell project, I used an old Latin Percussion Deluxe Black Beauty Chrome Cowbell, a Pulse Trigger ( discontinued ), some rubber pads, a velcro strip and an old washcloth.

Making your own electronic drum pads and triggers can be fun, easy and save you a lot of money. In my last post, I made the quietest electronic drum pads I own out of Remo Roto Toms and some Simmons single-zone drum triggers. Today let’s take a look at a homemade cowbell drum trigger. If you’re using electronic drums you may also want to check out The Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums Zildjian Anti Vibe Drumsticks Review.

For this DIY Electronic Drum Pads Homemade Cowbell project, I used an old Latin Percussion Deluxe Black Beauty Chrome Cowbell, a Pulse Trigger ( discontinued ), some rubber pads, a velcro strip and an old washcloth.

You can find some less expensive cowbells on Amazon if you don’t want to use one you have or pay a higher price. The Pulse Trigger I used is now discontinued but most other drum triggers will work or use a piezo trigger. As you can see in the video I stuffed the cowbell with a cloth and added some rubber pads to the hitting surface to dampen the sound but there are many others ways to control the volume if needed.

I plan to remove the rubber pads and replace them with one solid piece of rubber for a better look. Check out the video below….

My current setup is a Roland TD11 kit with Roland and homemade triggers and an Alesis Sample Pad Pro. The DIY Cowbell Tigger is attached to one of the Alesis’s sample pad pro’s Pad Inputs. In this video, I’m using the MIDI out of both the Roland TD11 Sound Module and the Alesis Sample Pad Pro to control EZ Drummer. You may also use an EZDrummer Free Alternative.

Are you making your own edrums?

Leave your thoughts, comments or questions below.


Quietest Electronic Drums – Home Made Low Volume E Drum Pads

Last summer I came across some used Remo Roto Toms for $29.99 at Sam Ash music store in New York City. They were beaten up and the stand was broken but I always though Roto Toms would make great electronic drums, so I decided to get them. After cleaning them up, adding mesh heads and Simmons single zone triggers, they turned out to be the quietest electronic drums I own. My top pick for best drumsticks for electronic drums also helps keep the volume low and saves your wrist and arms. Have a listen……

Quietest Electronic Drums Video

In this video, I compare the sound levels of my homemade Remo Roto Toms electronic drums with a Roland PD-125 pad, a Roland PDX-8 pad, a Roland PD8 pad, and a 13in snare with a mesh head.

Aside from looking cool, you will hear the Roto Toms are much lower in volume than the other e drums.

Adding roto toms to your e drum kit is a less expensive way to add more drum to your setup.

Cleaning Up Used Roto Toms & Making eDrums

Here’s a video playlist of me cleaning up Roto Toms and making eDrums out of them.

Video One: “$30 Remo Roto Toms Clean Up Baking Soda & Vinegar Part 2 of 2” In this video, I clean up these super dirty Remo Roto Toms with silver polish, water, backing soda and vinegar.

Video Two: “Simmons ST1 Triggers TEST mesh heads Remo Roto Toms to E Drums” In the second video I add mesh heads. drum triggers, make some adjustments to my drum module and demo the newly made drums.

Where To Get Roto Toms

You may not be as lucky as I was to get used Roto Toms for $29.99 but looking out for used ones will save you money. Also buying the non-remo brands will also save you some cash.

Here’s a list of Remo and other brands of Roto Toms.

Have you made any e drums? Feel free to leave any ideas for homemade e drums in the comments below.


Vintage Sonor Rosewood Champion Rare​ Drum Set Unboxing 1973 & 1975​​

Rosewood exterior Sonor drums are scarce. – A friend of had a set and then ordered the same set in different size. Here’s just a quick unboxing video.

Rosewood exterior Sonor drums are scarce. – A friend of mine had a set and then ordered the same set in different size. Here’s just a quick unboxing video.

More details:

Rosewood over 6 plies of beech.

The snare drum has the 100th Anniversary, 1975 tag. The other three wood drums have tags that just say “Sonor – Made in Germany” and they seem to be from the slightly earlier “Champion” line.

Sizes are 14×22, 16×16, 9×13, 5.75×14.

A few sound demos of The Vintage Sonor Rosewood Champion ​Drum Set:



Best Stocking Stuffers For Drummers 2017

Calling all drummers out there. I’m starting this post early (June 2017) to get some ideas for The Best Stocking Stuffers For Drummers. Make your wishlist and put it the comments below. If you’re looking for great gifts for your drummer friends or some good gadgets for yourself check out Top Gift For Drummers.

Stocking Stuffers For Drummers

  • Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit
  • CruzTOOLS GTDMT1 Groove Tech Multi-Tool Drum
  • Meinl Cymbals MCT Magnetic Tuners for Dampening Effects
  • Latin Percussion LP204C-MC Black Beauty Cowbell, More Cowbell
  • Promark Broomsticks
  • Meinl Percussion CRING 6-Inch Ching Ring Tambourine Jingle Effect for Cymbals, Steel
  • Promark S22 Sizzler, 22″ or Smaller
  • Ahead Switch Kick Quick Release Two Way Kick Beater System

All the items above can be found here: Top Gift For Drummers.

List your gift ideas in the comments below.

I will update this post with my wishlist and your ideas closer to the holiday season.



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