100’s of Jazz Backing Tracks Without Drums – Playlist

Hi Folks, Welcome to The DrumlessJazz Playlist. There are over a 100 Jazz Backing Tracks here to play along with and more being added all the time. Check out the style and tempo tags on the right if you’re in a certain mood, or play the playlist in shuffle mode below. Either way, Enjoy.

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Moukey Cajon Review (kid size also available)

Moukey Cajon Review. Today we take a look at the Moukey Full Size Cajon Drum DCD-1 Wooden Drum Box Birchwood Percussion Internal Metal Strings with Bag. 

Moukey is a newer sub-brand of Donner. I own and reviewed lots of products from both companies in the last few years. See the list here: Over 56 Donner and Moukey Reviews YouTube Playlist.

Donner is known for its high-quality products at inexpensive prices and it’s sub-brand Moukey holds the same values. 

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What I Like About The Moukey Cajon

I like the ease of use, light weight construction and the wide range of sound you can get from this box. 

Check out some backing tracks I made with the Moukey Cajon.

About The Moukey Cajon

Moukey’s Stringed Jam Cajon DCD-1K is made in the classic and traditional instrumental style. Measuring 12.2″ wide x 18.9″ tall x 12.2″ deep, the Jam Cajon is more compact for easier transport and straightforward use. Its wooden panel box frame is constructed out of birch wood material and is hand-crafted and strongly-built to give you that great and acoustical percussion sound. Great sound is easy to achieve from this cajon for anyone interested in rhythm, regardless of skill level. Just sit down and play!

High Quality / Unique Design

  1. Craftsmanship: Moukey always keeps high requirement in making musical instruments. A high-end cajon must reach the standard of precise and perfect craftsmanship, sweet sound and lasting stability.
  2. Material Selection: Careful screening of birchwood, and then let them expose to air and dry naturally for three years. This will keep the product lasting stability.
  3. Good Feeling: This cajon performs great behind a band in large or small worship settings and can be used to provide rhythm for choral groups as well. Constructed and engineered with great care to enhance response and playability.

The top frontplate corners on the playing surface may be adjusted with a quick turn of a screwdriver to alter the distance between the frontplate and the resonating body. This results in a varied amount of “slap” sound that drummers can use to provide a deeper backbeat.

The DCD-1K features an efficient guitar string system inside that produces flawless acoustical ‘hand percussion’ tone and rhythmic sound production. With four strings that are placed at two points and can be tuned to give classic sizzle when the front plate is beaten.

Gig Bag

Come with high qualitycajon gig bag that is made with heavy duty nylon to ensure safe transportation and storage of your cajon. Equipped with a strong carrying grip, this bag makes the Cajon the perfect grab-and-go percussion bundle.

Where To Buy

Get More Info and the current price of the  Moukey Cajon Here! A smaller kid size is also available.

Asmuse Kalimba Thumb Piano Review (17 Keys) in C Major

Asmuse Kalimba Thumb Piano Review. Kalimba is also known as Mbria and thumb piano. It is a folk African folk musical instrument thumb piano.

17 Keys Kalimba Acacia KOA Body Finger Piano Mbira Sanza Thumb Instrument with Kalimba Songbook 15 Songs Study Guide, Tuning Hammer and 4 Pcs Finger Thumb Picks(Solid KOA Wood)

What I Like: 

  • Sounds Good
  • Easy to Tune
  • Well Built
  • Easily change from key of C to G and back


  • Asmuse Kalimba is made of African original KOA Body(sound clearer than Mahogany Wood one) with 17 keys carbon Metal steel tunes bring you an exquisite voical experience
  • Easy to Play and Portable to go Just hold Kalimba in your hand and slide tunes by thumb.Also convenience when go outdoor with a portable bag to carry on.To gain your joys whenever and wherever
  • Quick to Learn with a guidance:An instructions is prepared for beginners to learn how to use and tune Kalimba as well as learn some practical songsThat also works for basic learner.
  • Different Style:Our Kalimba is internetional standard C tune,also be able to turn tune into G tune by Tune Hammer to try more style.To get a tremolo sound when set a removable chain will be still funny
  • Package includes 12 kinds of accessories:kalimba+Instructions(music book included)+clothbag+Tune Hammer + color and melody notation+4 Pcs Finger Thumb Picks +A removable chain

Where To Buy

Check current price and get more info here: Asmuse Thumb Piano 17 Keys Kalimba

Moukey Mini Steel Tongue Drum Review

Moukey is a sub-brand of Donner, and is of the same quality. The Moukey has a D Major Scale Steel Tongue Drum pack includes 2 Stick/mallats, tone stickers, music score set, a dedicated carrying bag and strap. In the video below, I just do an improve jam over a backing track in D Major.

Improve Jam Video

Fun For Everyone

The Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Percussion Hang Drum is a simple handmade and well constructed built to last musical instrument. This Mini Tongue Drum is in the key of D major so you can’t play any wrong notes and perform good sounding music even without any former training.

Indeed, fun for everyone to play. Kids and adults alike.

Great fun for kids as well as adults to play and learn music. The very relaxing sound character can provide hours of fun when jamming with backing tracks or as a solo instrument. Also adds a cool decor to any living environment.

Where To Buy

More info and the current price: Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Percussion Hang Drum 11 Notes 10 Inches with Padded Travel Bag

EZDrummer Free Alternative – MT Power Drumkit 2 Audio Units – VST Plugin

If your looking for a free EZ drummer alternative then check out the MTPowerDrumkit2. This free drum kit plugin is available for Mac and PC as an Audio Unit or VST. In my review video I test it out with my Roland / Quietest Electronic Drums – Home Made Low Volume E Drum Pads and show off some of the thousands of include grooves.

The MTPowerDrumkit2 has one multi layer drum sampler rock drum kit with a simple mixer and groove library.
The mixer section comes with multi out vol, pan, and compersion for each individual outputs, kick, snare and so on.

“The MT Power Drum Kit is a free drum sampler offering the powerful, high-quality sounds of an acoustic, realistic drum kit. Samples have been specially recorded and processed to make them ideally suited for use in pop, rock and metal productions.”

The MT Power Drum Kit Sampler claims that the drum samplers are pre-processed with compressors and EQs to make them a perfect fit for any mix.

The compressors built into the channels give you even more control over the level of compression.

You can choose from thousands of assorted rhythms in the comprehensive Groove Library and compose your own drum accompaniment. In particular, the innovative functions for creating fills generate very smooth and realistic drum tracks.

More Info & Download Here http://www.powerdrumkit.com

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DIY Electronic Cowbell

Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums – Zildjian Anti Vibe Drumsticks Review

DIY Electronic Cowbell – Homemade Drum Triggers

For this DIY Electronic Drum Pads Homemade Cowbell project, I used an old Latin Percussion Deluxe Black Beauty Chrome Cowbell, a Pulse Trigger ( discontinued ), some rubber pads, a velcro strip and an old washcloth.

Making your own electronic drum pads and triggers can be fun, easy and save you a lot of money. In my last post, I made the quietest electronic drum pads I own out of Remo Roto Toms and some Simmons single-zone drum triggers. Today let’s take a look at a homemade cowbell drum trigger. If you’re using electronic drums you may also want to check out The Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums Zildjian Anti Vibe Drumsticks Review.

For this DIY Electronic Drum Pads Homemade Cowbell project, I used an old Latin Percussion Deluxe Black Beauty Chrome Cowbell, a Pulse Trigger ( discontinued ), some rubber pads, a velcro strip and an old washcloth.

You can find some less expensive cowbells on Amazon if you don’t want to use one you have or pay a higher price. The Pulse Trigger I used is now discontinued but most other drum triggers will work or use a piezo trigger. As you can see in the video I stuffed the cowbell with a cloth and added some rubber pads to the hitting surface to dampen the sound but there are many others ways to control the volume if needed.

I plan to remove the rubber pads and replace them with one solid piece of rubber for a better look. Check out the video below….

My current setup is a Roland TD11 kit with Roland and homemade triggers and an Alesis Sample Pad Pro. The DIY Cowbell Tigger is attached to one of the Alesis’s sample pad pro’s Pad Inputs. In this video, I’m using the MIDI out of both the Roland TD11 Sound Module and the Alesis Sample Pad Pro to control EZ Drummer. You may also use an EZDrummer Free Alternative.

Are you making your own edrums?

Leave your thoughts, comments or questions below.